AHS Temporary Parking Development Permit Application Comments

Dear Friends and Residents.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has submitted its Development Permit Application (DPA) to the City for the temporary parking lot to be located on the West Campus Development Trust lands south of the Children’s Hospital. The community is appreciative of the City’s commitment to have the lot placed as far north as possible, which reduces the impact on nearby residents and people enjoying the parklands and duck pond. The Community Association’s detailed comments with respect to the DPA have been submitted to the City as follows:

AHS Temporary Parking DP Plans Jan 29, 2016


  1. We understand Ronald McDonald House has requested the exit shown on the plans as leading to West Campus Place be moved to 24th Ave opposite the entrance to the Children’s Hospital Parking. We are supportive of this change. We would prefer that this remain as an exit only, to encourage staff accessing the lot to do so from West Campus Blvd, which in turn will encourage them to utilize the overpass off 16th Ave rather than 24th Ave to access the parking lot.
  2. We would appreciate the installation of attractive 4’ opaque fencing on the east and south sides of the parking lot to screen the lot from Ronald McDonald House, residences backing onto the lot, and from walkers and cyclists utilizing the adjacent parklands.
  3. While we recognize that in a temporary lot asphalt surfacing is not cost effective, we request a surfacing of the lot with materials that minimize dust to the greatest extent possible. We do not have the technical expertise to know if “gravel base with recycled asphalt surface” qualifies.
  4. We request that the lighting be appropriately screened to minimize glare visible from the residences backing onto the parking lot and from Ronald McDonald House. The light standards on the easternmost edge of the lot should be totally screened when viewed from the east and or south east.
  5. We request garbage cans be placed at the central pedestrian shelter, and that garbage collection be actively managed
  6. We appreciate the completion of the pathway on the west side of West Campus Blvd from where it joins the existing pathway skirting the duck pond, up to its connection with the pathway system immediately south of the Children’s Hospital.
  7. We suggest that the new pedestrian crosswalk over West Campus Blvd be appropriately signed
  8. We appreciate the topsoil and seed being placed around three sides of the parking lot, and are satisfied that existing natural vegetation will fill in disturbed areas on the south boundary.
  9. During the winter season, there are often times when the walkway down to the overpass at 16th Ave is cleared of snow, as is the walkway on the far side, with the actual overpass remaining uncleared. This is a safety hazard for pedestrians and cyclists, especially relevant for the anticipated increased pedestrian traffic. Parkers choosing to walk need some “Snow Angels”.
  10. Advice as to the status, route and frequency of a shuttle bus would be appreciated.
  11. In order to encourage staff to park in the temporary parking lot and not utilize the streets in University Heights to park, we request the following:
    • AHS should encourage staff to take the LRT by providing shuttle service between the temporary parking lot and/or FMC and the Brentwood LRT station along the same route as the proposed Cross Town BRT link (including a stop at the Alberta Children’s Hospital). The opportunity to take public transportation should be advertised and encouraged by appropriate incentives such as a subsidized bus pass similar to what is offered by University of Calgary Students.
      When the cross town BRT link becomes available in late 2018, shuttle service between the temporary parking lot and the Brentwood station could be discontinued with an appropriate overlap period and a well advertised campaign. This idea is to provide positive incentive to take the LRT instead of using temporary parking. The suggested link by shuttle service to the Brentwood station would encourage and train staff to use this route to get to work.
      By the time the crosstown BRT becomes available, there will be 18 months of shuttle service, which can be substituted by a simpler connection to the Crosstown BRT. This could potentially reduce parking needs at both hospitals in both the short an longer term, reducing the on street parking demand in our community.
    • That there be more or larger bus shelters – During shift changes and in bad weather one shelter will be woefully inadequate. Using this lot must be a user friendly as possible or folks will find other closer places to park (i.e. the community).
    • In conjunction with notification to take a shuttle from Brentwood LRT station, employee parkers should be requested to respect the homeowners in the nearby communities and not park in restricted zones. Perhaps signs can also be posted at the entrances to University Heights requested that Hospital staff and visitors not use our community for their parking needs.
    • That the Calgary Parking Authority increase enforcement in University Heights during the 36 month lease of this temporary parking facility.
      • Currently residents have to call the Parking Authority to report a parking violation (ie over the 1 or 2 hour parking restriction). Given that there will certainly be increased violations, it will become frustrating for community residents and for the Operators of the Parking Authority to continually place/receive calls reporting these violations.
      • If there is currently not enough budget dollars to increase enforcement, then it is requested that the Hospital and the West Campus Development Trust contribute the required budget dollars to enable increase enforcement.

AHS Temporary Parking DP Plans Jan 29, 2016

A copy of the DPA is available on the UHCA website. Please take a moment to review the application and comments. Even if your comments have been included in the Community Association submission, it is imperative that the City hear from individual residents, and we encourage residents to communicate directly with the file manager, Rick Michalenko, with your opinion.

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Please include a copy of your correspondence to: Development@uhcacalgary.org

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Matt Law
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