Stadium Shopping Centre Development Permit Application Comments – Traffic Concerns

Dear Friends and Residents,

Please find enclosed a document developed by John Rouse, Wayne Davis, Bob Dewar Pat Muir, concerned University Heights residents and members of the UH working group for the Stadium Shopping Centre (SSC) development. University Heights Community Association gives its full endorsement to the perspective John has detailed in his submission. Many of these themes are echoed in the UHCA’s comment letter in respect of the SSC development permit application, with this submission expanding on those themes. The traffic issues detailed in this submission are of significant concern to community members. We understand that increased congestion is to be expected with such a development, but we are very concerned that this development has not been reviewed within the context of the cumulative effects on our community of this development, the proposed Cancer Centre, University District, increasing enrolment at U of C, and other developments.

ATTACHMENT: Stadium Shopping Centre Development Permit Application Comments – Traffic Concerns

The community is appreciative of the City’s commitment to completing the infrastructure investments detailed in the ARP. Concerns remain however, and we hope that by providing a detailed description of community residents’ concerns, that initiatives to mitigate the adverse effects identified in this submission or developed by the City, can be included in the DP conditions. This extensive analysis have been submitted to Mr. Neil MacDonald of the City of Calgary as part of the UHCA comments for the SSC development.

Even if your comments have been included in this document, it is imperative that the City hear from individual residents, and we encourage residents to communicate directly the file manager, Neil MacDonald at the City of Calgary.

Written submissions and inquiries to:

Name: Neil MacDonald
Phone: (403) 268-5687
Planning, Development and Assessment
(Location #8108)
3rd Floor, Calgary Municipal Building
800 Macleod Trail S.E.
Calgary T2G 2M3

Please include a copy of your correspondence to:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Matt Law
Review Committee Chair
403.289.1162 (home)
403.861.9171 (cell)

Yours Truly,

Peter Khu, President
University Heights Community Association
403-870-2782 (cell)

Notes on the Backgrounds of the Authors

John Rowse is Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Calgary (UC). Prior to retirement, he taught courses in mathematical economics and computational optimization, and conducted research using these methods. A recent coauthored publication is: Arnott, Richard and John Rowse, “Curbside Parking Time Limits,” Transportation Research, Part A: Policy and Practice, Volume 55A, September 2013, pp. 89-110.

Wayne Davies is Professor Emeritus of Geography at UC. Prior to retirement, he taught courses mainly in urban geography and urban studies. He has published over 120 papers/chapters and authored or edited 11 books, in addition to consulting for the Province of Alberta and the City of Calgary. His most recent book is: Theme Cities: Solutions for Urban Problems, GeoJournal Library 112, Springer Science and Business, 2015, 615 pp.

Robert Dewar is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UC and is President of his own consulting firm, Western Ergonomics, Inc., specializing in driver behaviour and traffic safety. He has co-authored three books on this topic and previously conducted a review for the City of Calgary on pedestrian accidents.

Pat Muir is a clinical audiologist who worked with clients of all ages in health, educational, and research settings for over 25 years. More recently, she obtained a PhD with a focus on pediatric clinical research in auditory neuroscience. She has volunteered on several projects with provincial and national professional organizations.

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