Re:  Item 7.3  Residential Parking Program Review

Standing Policy Committee (SPC) on Transportation & Transit meeting October 21, 2020 at 9:30 am

The City’s review of the Residential Parking Program is being presented on Wednesday October 21st.  This matter will affect all residents who are involved in the permit program.  Information only became available when the agenda was posted last Friday.  The UHCA Board is attempting to obtain complete information on the impact to our community and how we fit within the program.   The permit areas around the perimeters of our community are of particular concern, especially if these become classified as “interface areas” with no visitor permits allowed.  Fees are proposed to be charged starting in 2022.

Residents can watch the meeting live on video.  Last minute opportunities to present are usually available.  Note that all meetings are largely virtual due to COVID-19 with only limited space in Council Chambers.  Administration is recommending that this item be approved and proceed to a Combined Council Meeting on Monday, November 2nd.   The deadline for submissions to the City Clerk for the Combined Council meeting is this Thursday October 22nd before 10 a.m.  We are most concerned about the compressed timeline on making this information available to the public.  Later submissions could be sent directly to the Councillors and the Mayor before the November 2nd Council hearing.

The Agenda package and video link are available on the City’s website at the following link:

Information on how to participate in City meetings is found on the City website with some links on the meetings/agenda/video page above.  For people who are unable to watch the live video, the meeting video link usually becomes available under the PAST MEETINGS tab within about 3 business days along with the minutes.

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