Neighbourhood Speed Limit Review

Link: Neighbourhood Speed Limit Review

On February 1, Council will be discussing whether to reduce the speed limit of residential and collector roadways. The recommendations are:

  1. Give three readings to the proposed City of Calgary Standard Speed Limit Bylaw to change the unposted speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h within city limits.
  2. Direct administration to post 50 km/h speed limit signs on existing Collector roadways unless or until a credible environment for a slower speed limit is provided.

Council can choose to either accept administrations’ recommendation to lower the speed limits, put the item on the 2021 municipal election ballot or reject the speed limit reductions.
Click here to see the proposed changes to road speed limits in your ward and read more about the speed limit review. Interested in sharing your thoughts? Fill out this form to register to speak or submit a written submission to council.

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