City of Calgary Crowchild Trail Upgrades: Upcoming Major Traffic Impact – Full Closure of 10 Avenue S.W. Ramp

As part of the Crowchild Trail Upgrades Project, we are reconfiguring the westbound 10 Avenue S.W. to northbound Crowchild Trail ramp. As part of this work, the existing ramp will be FULLY closed for two weeks.

City of Calgary Crowchild Trail Upgrades- Upcoming Major Traffic Impact - Full Closure of 10 Avenue S.W. Ramp
The Impacts:
1) Beginning at 10 p.m. Thursday, June 13 and running straight through until 5 a.m. on Friday, June 28, the westbound 10 Avenue S.W. ramp to northbound Crowchild ramp will be closed.
2) Once complete, the newly-reconfigured westbound 10 Ave S.W. ramp will temporarily merge onto the right-hand side of Crowchild Trail.
3) The westbound Bow Trail to northbound Crowchild Trail ramp will continue to come up into its own lane on the far left-hand side of Crowchild Trail as it does now.
4) By the end of this summer, both ramps will be reconfigured and the 10 Ave S.W. merge condition onto Crowchild Trail will be eliminated; Traffic from the 10 Ave S.W. and Bow Trail ramps will join together and enter northbound Crowchild Trail as a dedicated, added right-hand lane.

We will be messaging out the traffic impacts via on-site messaging, social media, the project website, our e-newsletter and some proactive media interviews. We will also be communicating and coordinating with emergency services to maintain access. Suggested detours and associated signage will be in place.

Your community members can continue to expect increased activity and frequent lane realignments all throughout the summer and fall. As always, the most timely information will be available on our project page.

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