There are currently a number of positions open on our board. If you live in University Heights and if you would like to be involved in making a difference in our community please contact one of the individuals below for more information.

Board Members

Name Position Email
Patty President
VACANT Vice-President
VACANT Secretary
Lindsay Treasurer
VACANT Membership
VACANT Technology
VACANT Newsletter
VACANT Volunteer
Pat, David Development
Andrea Director at Large *
Pat Director at Large *
Isabelle Director at Large *
Susan Director at Large *
* Director at Large - The Directors at Large may be assigned the following tasks: Web Content Coordinator, Social Media, Advertising, BBQ Coordinators, Potluck Coordinators or any other responsibilities that may arise relating to the affairs of the Association.

Community Events & Coordinators

Mili Seniors Dance and Movement
Marc Soccer Coordinator

Email Distribution Lists

Name Email
UHCA Board Executive
UHCA Board
* Note - These email addresses will be sent to a group representing the email address above. Any replies will come from the email address of the Board Member replying and not the address of the list.