2019 Grey Cup Festival Notice

Message from the 2019 Grey Cup Festival Organizing Committee:

We are reaching out on behalf of the 2019 Grey Cup Festival Organizing Committee in order to explain some of the Grey Cup related activities we have planned for McMahon Stadium during the period of Friday, November 22nd – Sunday, November 24th. We expect there to be very minimal effect on the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium, but having said that we wanted to ensure that should you have any questions or concerns about planned activities at the stadium site that you had an appropriate contact. For now the following web link will provide further clarity on the concert events that we have planned leading up to and including Grey Cup Sunday:


Additionally, we will share a detailed list of FAQs related to Grey Cup Sunday that we are currently developing. We are so excited to be bringing this world class event to our city and will work extremely hard to ensure that we are treating the neighbors of McMahon Stadium with a high level of care and respect.

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