Municipal Development Plan Review Deadline June 26



The City of Calgary has been working on major changes to its planning system for the last few years.  All of the key planning and development documents are being brought into alignment with each other.  Revisions to the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) form part of this Next Generation planning system.  Information on these revisions is available on the Engage Calgary website under Next 20 planning at the following link After extending the commenting deadline because of the pandemic, a new deadline for comments has been set for Friday, June 26, 2020. 

Overview documents are accessible under the FINDINGS of the REVIEW tab.  The PROPOSED AMENDMENTS tab gives access to a Summary, and the redline documents for both the MDP and CTP.  We recommend that residents review the redline documents to fully understand the proposed changes that will impact Calgary communities in a major way for the future.

These amendments are more than “housekeeping” changes as suggested on the Engage Calgary website.  In the current draft, wording around  the concept of “low density” has been removed to set the stage for new multi-community local area form-based planning guidelines as outlined in the proposed Guidebook for Great Communities (possibly returning to the SPC for Planning & Urban Development in July) and for a renewed Land Use Bylaw:

The first phase of the renewal of the Land Use Bylaw involves the creation of new limited scale Neighbourhood Housing local districts for developed areas of Calgary.  Under the proposed Guidebook for Great Communities these districts could encompass the existing RC-1, RC-2, RC-G and MC-G zoning districts.  These changes to the MDP and the proposed adoption of the Guidebook for Great Communities will allow and appear to be intended to eliminate new and existing single-family communities in Calgary.


Let your voice be heard.  Commenting on the MDP and CTP is available on the Engage website, albeit limited in the number of characters.  Longer comments can be submitted to Chris Blaschuk, one of the lead planners for this initiative, at:     DEADLINE: JUNE 26, 2020


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