Survey: The Future of University Heights

Dear University Heights residents,

What is your view of the future in University Heights?  What aspects of our community do you like and wish to retain for the long term?  What features are we missing? What improvements would you like to see?

Did you know that:

  • a Local Area Plan is created by The City in coordination with interested and impacted stakeholders including residents and landowners, local businesses, community associations and builders/developers. Generally, they are created over a 12 to 24-month period with input collected through an iterative engagement process, using a multi-community approach.
  • the City of Calgary intends to implement a Local Area Plan (LAP) for the South Shaganappi Area Strategic Planning Group communities of which University Heights is a member.
  • a LAP is a planning exercise in which The City projects and mandates priorities for a given area. The logic is that cities evolve and change, and so the LAP (which, on approval, becomes a statutory document) gives a legal framework for this change.  
  • our LAP process is scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2022 (July – September).
  • University Heights is a master-planned, unique community that is surrounded by large institutions. We have both high- and low-density residential areas with legally binding covenants. Major densification projects are in progress at UXBorough and University District and may occur in the Foothills Athletic Park-McMahon area. 

Deadline: June 17th

We are asking for your completion of our survey to help us gain a factual understanding of the views of University Heights residents on City growth, how we currently use our community, and how we envision its future.  As we prepare for the LAP process, your views, as reflected in the survey, will help guide the Community Association in this process.  

We plan to host a community forum to discuss the survey results along with more local area planning information including densification – its benefits and drawbacks. 

We encourage you to help to plan our community’s future by participating in the survey. 

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