Attention: Significant Neigbourhood Planning Update

The City is proposing to create a new zone for multifamily housing called H-GO (Housing-Grade Oriented) as well as upgrading the rules around the current R-CG district (Residential-Grade-Oriented Infill).  The proposed changes will allow rowhouses to be developed not only on corner lots, but also in the middle of a block.

The City claims they are doing this to reduce the number of applications for Direct Control zoning, and if approved, the new H-GO district and the revised R-CG rules will only apply to certain areas (i.e., not blanket rezoning) of the City. Our reading of the extent of the zoning catchment area metrics suggests otherwise, and the catchment area will likely be further expanded with the upcoming revisions to the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) and Land Use Bylaw (1P2007).  

University Heights does not have R-CG zoning at present but it will be a prominent issue in the upcoming Local Area Plan for the South Shaganappi Area Communities. The City has repeatedly stated and attempted to allowed row housing in every community.  We are very concerned about the process around these proposed changes as there has been no robust public engagement. Citizens’ only chance to voice concerns will be on October 4th at a Council Hearing. The deadline for you to submit comments, support, or objections is NOON, Tuesday September 27th through the portal at:

Please submit letters and/or sign up to speak at the Council Hearing.  These submissions become part of the information that is released to Councillors and then online to the public ahead of the hearing. 

For more information please click the following link and then click on item 7.2: 

The UHCA Development Committee is analyzing the material and drafting a response which will be posted later. 

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